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Distributor- Gardner Denver  Compressors, CKD Pneumatics, WIKA is a  leader in pressure, temperature and level measurement technology , Parker-legris, Snap-on Blue-print

CKD Pneumatics (Japan), as you may be aware, is one of the few manufacturers in the World which offers complete range of reliable, durable, proven Pneumatic Products and System Solutions viz: Rod less Cylinder and other types of Cylinders, Vacuum, Pilot & Solenoid Valves, Pressure Switches, Air Line Equipment (FRL), Fittings and Tubing & Accessories. CKD Pneumatic range also includes special Products such as:
* Air Dryer :                          
 World Class Refrigerated Air Dryer for Compressed of 2.2 to 1450KW.
* Main line Filter :
 For elimination of impurities for Compressed Air. 
* Air Cylinder :
Wide Range with tube bore Dia 2.5 to 450mm and stroke length 5 to 3000mm
* Solenoid valve :
2*3*4*5 way, 100/110/200/220VAC, 12/24VDC operated
* Auxiliary Components :
Current /Voltage to Pressure Converters, Manual Selectors, Speed Controller, Silencer, Shuttle Valve, Quick Exhaust valve, Check Valve and Pressure Switches and Flow Sensors /Monitors for Air and Water (Air Leakage Detector).
* General purpose valve :
For Air, Gas (LPG, Propane, Nitrogen etc), Vacuum, Water, Stream, Acid, Alkali, Chemicals, Explosion Proof etc
* Valve for semiconductor :
Special Purpose Valve for Semiconductor Application
* Coolant Valves :                     
With built in Ball Valve which ensure trouble free operation without getting affected by Metal Dust
* Gap Sensors (Seat Checkers) :
Because of Ceramic Diaphragm Technology, not affected by Coolant ingress, fluctuation in Air Pressure and user friendly as  No additional equipment required for setting
* Cam Indexer :
Number of Indexer 2 to 48 for Mass up to 3300Kgs.
* Motor Indexer :
Based on Servo Direct Drives, Intelligent, High Accuracy, 360 degree full range absolute indexing system, Torque range 7-7.7Nm (Continuous), 2.2-210Nm (Peak)
CKD is well known as reliable strategic partner in industries. CKD enjoys a major share in the Automotive Industry in Japan and its products are widely used in other Industries such as Machine Tool, Textiles, Petrochemical, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Packaging Industries via a Global service network across fifty- two countries.

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